History of Ambrosys

Ambrosys (Pty) ltd started developing and manufacturing SpeedSentry speed calming devices in 2014, based on a request from our customer base for an affordable traffic management solution. Our first speed management products were radar speed displays, which turned out to be very effective in the South African residential estates.

Ambrosys has supplied speed management devices to more than 50  Residential estates across South Africa and to Mining and Industrial companies in Southern Africa.  These devices are manufactured in Centurion and are supported by our local engineering, application management and software team.  Our product range has expanded to include devices with integrated cameras, night vision and encoded video, as our customers have asked for a greater degree of control over speeding within their estates.

Ambrosys has also expanded the SpeedSentry product range into a Services division.  This division concentrates on the processing of integrated camera videos and the analysis of traffic speed, volume and density within estates. Our aim in the Services division it to provide comprehensive traffic flow information to Estate Managers and HOA’s, based on the information gathered by our range of products.